Monday, July 11, 2005

Podcast 2

Me and my home boy Naphtali exploring Clinton Street. It's obvious that I'm no David Isay or Ira Glass and I need a few more
"in the hood" lessons from my nephew Jamie. Naphtali's attention span is just a little longer than Dr.G's. I haven't quite figured out the literacy connection. The portability and informality of the voice recorder is superior than walking around with a digital movie camera. Later I tracked back on our tour and took pictures. Clinton Street, between Stanton and Rivington is such an interesting and lively block, with an old time spanish record shop and rothstein's hardware blending with trendy yuppie restaurants. It's relative narrowness and extensive tree shade give it a uniquely homey feel. I'm suspicious of this Newlife Youth Club-
Part of the new faith-based gvt funded charity network? Some of the routine there is religious instruction.

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Anonymous said...

Clinton st. is a block that is soon to be lost to the yuppies and all the poor people will have to move to brooklyn or other hood's becuase there taking over manhattan!