Saturday, July 30, 2005

More or (Less) PowerPoint

As for PowerPoint less is more, especially in slide content. You only want key ideas, not a paragraph in each slide. When you present you shouldn't just be reading your slide, but amplifying the content. Here's another PPoint template I had for Benjamin Franklin. In this one the students were not to change the title of each slide, but the part of the slide that dealt with the Timeline of events in Ben's life. This was done with the 5th graders who annually take a trip to Philadelphia. The Jean Fritz book, "What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin" is available for download via United Streaming and can help witrh the necessary background content knowledge prior to the projects creation. All of this can be adapted to the home theme by concentrating on the colonial stle of hiome life, rather than on Ben's achievements,.

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Anonymous said...

I try to push PowerPoint because I don't know anything else

Bee Stlee