Sunday, July 31, 2005

The House I Live In and United Streaming 2

To follow up a post on video resources from United Streaming. There are other title groupings that fit the home topic.Mentioned before were videos on life in Mexico, China, etc-there are also titles on living in a desert, a rainforest, polar regions. Our school library has many such titles as well. This was a nice grouping of Doris Kindersley videos that were distributed by the ESL program. Above is a collage of frames from an early childhood series on neighborhoods. The sheriff is explaining to the young boy why rules are necessary in communities. Here's clip. This could also work with the September Constitution event that the feds are sponsoring. Better yet you could show a clip from Deadwood to really explain the importance of laws. BTW Al and the boys were asked to chime in with their opinions on this, but you better be careful before you download.

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Anonymous said...

You won't be able to show a ....... clip of Deadwood
you stupid ...... ....... ........... Every other word is a
....... curse. And by the way we had our own laws before the ......... ........... from the state tried to impose their.......
laws on us.

Al Swearingten