Thursday, July 28, 2005

Q & A

I am going to use this post to answer some questions I've been getting from people about pseudo intellectualism
Q: Why do you combine images in your posts? Why don't you put them up separately like on a web page?
Jack Yablokoff
A: Jack, Blogs have many advantages. They are so much easier to do then a website, but they are not really suited for images.
When I put up separate images on one posting the layout becomes distorted.
Q: Do you think anyone bothers to read your blog?
Anna Lytic
A: That's not important Anna. I'm doing this as an alternative to increasing my daily dosage and the really educational stuff
(like the definition of two baggers) will eventually go onto a real school website. Once the content is in this form it's just a
matter of cut and paste.
Q: What's so great about delivering content in a slide show format?
Dinah Sore
A: Dinah, first of all I feel it is more engaging for the viewer, whether it be kids or adults. It can tell a story unto it itself. Using the compression capabilities of quicktime allows me to deliver images with a smaller file size than if they were sent separately. The file can also be downloaded to disk.
Q: Why are you breaking up Sam's interview into parts, why can't we have it all at once?
I. M. Impatient
A: Is that you Izzy? Well, I don't know everybody's different connection speed and the total interview file is about 30MB. To download that in its entirety might take a long time.
Q: What is the best knish you ever tasted?
Pepe Roni
A: Without a doubt a Mrs. Stahl's cabbage knish.
Q: How come no matter what title you guys give to the learning fair it always seems the same.
Miya Buttreaks
A: Miya, could you step back a bit. You know in a way it is, but that's because whether you are talking about buildings or homes or means of transportation there is one common element to all and that is the people involved in them. Besides what may seem the same to you is new to the kids in your class and they enjoy doing projects and showing off their work. As a wise man once said, these events (along with the great music and dance and team sports) provide the glue that holds a school together.
Q: Are you and Sam gay lovers?
Just Askin
A: Just, I once told Sam that someone was gay and he didn't even know what the word meant.
But, not that there's anything wrong with that.
Q: Do you have any friends and are any of them not imaginary?
Sandy Krac
A: Yes, there's Israel and Little Sonia, Kiang Hang, Bill the copy machine guy from the District Office, Ramon, John the Hip Hop Cleaner, Sal from Rosario's Pizza, Pearl Jones, Suzanne Muller, Miguel Figueroa and Max Weintraub, Dr. Love, Zumila Yardon, Frank Siblano, Joe Shannon, Pedro the waiter from Zafi's, Lenny Greher and Faye's brother the soda guy

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