Sunday, July 24, 2005

Podcast VI: Bill Margulies. PS64, Mr. Krappner, Hymie Perrick

It gets better and better-Bill tells about his lower east education. The PS64 he talks about (he's a little off in the years-he couldn't have gone there 55 years ago because Bill later tells me he is 83) is now a structure currently involved in a battle for survival. Abandoned as a school several years ago it was later reclaimed as a community center for the arts. The city sold it recently to a developer who plans to turn it into a high rise building. Read about it here and see part of a movie that you can view in its entirety on that site. I learned that the Oscar winning screenwriter, producer, and director, Joseph Mankiewicz, the actor Sam Levene and good old Yip Harburg were PS64 attendees. Previously, I thought Yip went to PS15. As for synchronicity-my mother, who would be 86 this August 24th, went to PS64. Who knows, she may have known Bill? Oh yeah, here's part 3 of Bill

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