Tuesday, July 12, 2005

La Dolce Shuffle

1. What do Shuffle Off To Buffalo, The Blind Leading The Blind, and Texas have in common?
2. What literacy expert uses effective teaching prompts like, "Don't write this down now" and "Do you want to take that home or do want to leave it here in case you lose it (you idiot)."
3. What same person doesn't comprehend why a certain female has abundant kavorka?
4. Who creates poetry by merely saying the word "Eez-a-bell?
5. Who can't respond to any inquiries because "I am teaching and running institutes for the next three weeks."
6. Who received the supreme compliment from Suzanne, "He's not an idiot."
7. What Education Chairperson couldn't even teach Karl Rove how to lie.


Anonymous said...

The answer to number 5 is "Sandy, The Wonder Dog"

Anonymous said...

Mancini's kavorka can be detected as far away as Pluto