Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shop Talk II

Hey DV, could you help me out? Why is it when I link to a movie on my computer it streams and when I do it from a computer at school (with OSX) I have to wait for the whole movie to download before I can view it. Something do to with QuickTime preferences or the version of QuickTime? Also I went to Garage Band help and did a search under "improved performace" and followed all the suggestions and still the limit on my recording time is about 33 minutes.
I also need a code review on italicizing, bolding and changing text size in post content.


Anonymous said...

Unless you agree to write columns for the tech newsletter the region will continue to offer you no help as well as provide no information on what our top secret training is all about


Anonymous said...

wish I could help. I'm busy out-sourcing work to teaching matters


Anonymous said...

Sorry-I only work with pc tablets-they're so cool!


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a rather good HTML cheat sheet: