Sunday, July 24, 2005

Connections 2:Orphan Trains

Joan Lowery Nixon wrote many books in the Orphan Train kids series. You could be doing a realistic fiction unit. You might do a project comparing what homes were like for the orphans in the city with their new homes out west. The orphan train topic has many "props." There is a film that was made as part of the American Experience series, another film "Orphan Train," with Jill Eikenberry and a film that was made as part of the outstanding Wonderworks series of years ago called "Home At Last." Cobblestone Magazine had a good issue on Orphan Trains and there is the non-fiction title, Orphan Train Rider : One Boy's True Story by Andrea Warren. From the archives here is a slide show from part of cobblestone orphan train issue and a short clip from "Home At Last"


Anonymous said...

You think you're so cool with your "props." I saw you in person at shul. I know what's really down.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw him too. He's got archives? He should, he's almost as fat as the Library of Congress.

Talib Kweli