Monday, July 18, 2005

Podcast III

Finally, the much awaited podcast from NewLife. I went in expecting to uncover a fundamentalist plot and wound up making a $50 contribution to this really well run place. I was also struck by the irony that the organization had its origins across the street from where I grew up. On the right is Naphtali's work on the word template from our tour. I can see that this idea is on shaky grounds because it was quite an effort dragging it out of him, especially with an Xbox in the background. More to come from this interview.


Anonymous said...

I'll see that you are excommunicated asap

Rabbi Heshey

Anonymous said...

Pseudo intellectual!-add tuchis lecha to that.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing (vandross, knickerbocker village, clinton street, your hardscrabble childhood)-all these strands are woven together like an amazing crazy quilt.

Your literacy coach

Anonymous said...

It's synchronicity