Wednesday, July 20, 2005

American Girl Molly-Her 1940 Home

This is an example of the house schematics that are in the previously mentioned American Girl series. These books are distinguished from other American Girl books because they are given the designation "world." This picture comes from "Molly's World." A picture such as this is good for providing an important visual connection not only for history instruction but also for a literacy genre study (historical fiction of the 1940's WW2 era). Book choices could be Giff's Lily's Crossing, Hotze's Summer Endings, Levoy's Alan and Naomi and Cutler's My Wartime Summers. Please check first on their appropriate levels.


Anonymous said...

"good for providing an important visual connection"

I would say it this way:
"integral for establishing a powerful text to self imprint"

Kile, Pseudo Royal Family

Anonymous said...

How does a pseudo like you know about those genre books?

Putz N. Gaugle

David Bellel said...

I knew about Lily's Crossing and then I used that book to search Amazon for similar books