Thursday, July 21, 2005

Guaranteed All Dialogue Overheard

Stan Mack wrote a very funny comic strip for the Village Voice starting in the Mid 70's. It was called Real Life Funnies. It had the subtitle that it was based on true overheard dialogue. Here's a true overheard gem. "Let me ask you if the Shuang Wen School is considered a public school and gets taxpayer money why can't a Yeshiva get public funds." "Well, at Shuang Wen (which is a dual language school) anyone can send their kid, they just have to understand that the requirement there is to learn Mandarin as well as English." "So why can't the Yeshivas work the same way, any parent can send there kid there and they just have to understand that they will be learning Hebrew." "Yeah, but I can't see people knocking down the door for that in terms of immigration trends and there is still something called the separation of church and state."


Anonymous said...

Not for long

George W.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Rebbetzim will take Sandra Day O'Connor's

Ariel Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hey you big fat pseudo atheist, you've been warned already.


David Bellel said...

Hey, I didn't write that-some anonymous blogger did.
I bet it was Osama or Previer.

Anonymous said...

I wrote it.

Sonia Diaz Salcedo

David Bellel said...

You see, I'm innocent.