Thursday, July 28, 2005

Clinton Street 1852

Three years ago when Kevin Baker, author of Dreamland and Paradise Alley, came to speak at 20, Adam and I projected the larger version of this map as a backdrop for Baker's discussion of what the LES looked like. In Paradise Alley, Baker vividly described Tom O'Kane's work as a butcher along a row of shops on Houston Street. After work Tom would go watch a battle of some wild dogs (?) that took place somewhere in the area of Pitt and Delancey. It was a raucous amusement amidst a backdrop of betting. The map helped me in imagining the context of the story and I think maps can serve the same purpose for the kids in understanding history. I used the section of the map shown to help accompany Sam's oral history.


Anonymous said...

"raucous amusement amidst a backdrop of betting"

pseudo intellectualism at its height.
you're my idol

PHd from CCNY Ed Dept.

David Bellel said...

I find your efforts in technology quite amusing

Anonymous said...

Kevin Baker was so cute!