Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Podcast VIII: Sam and the Fighting Sullivans

I tried to catch Sam in a mistake but the old guy was just too crafty. The Fighting Sullivans came out in 1944 and in a way the tragedy it portrayed was the impetus for the fictional rescue of Private Ryan. The picture shown has the newspaper stand that still exists (there are very few in the city that still do) on the corner of Clinton and Delancey. It's open in the mornings.The block I lived on on Suffolk Street is now a parking lot. Some day I'll tell the synchronistic story of 76 Suffolk Street. Here's Sam


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sam knew any two baggers on Rivington Street?


Anonymous said...

Really interesting podcast! For some reason, the story about the brine clogging up the sewers has been going through my mind for the past few days...I really don't know why this particular anecdote stood out from the other ones.


David Bellel said...

Maybe we should ask Dr. Freud?