Monday, August 31, 2009

The Messiah Practicing His Upcoming Wedding Dance

There's more and more talk of Derek Jeter being the mvp. Imagine promoting Teixera, as good as he's been, for that honor. Jeter is not only the mvp, he's the messiah.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bosox Bikers Salute Ted Kennedy

A little hard on the eyes, but no one should be excluded in making sure the dream shall never die.

The Kennedy Legacy

I'm confused. I respect Bernie Sanders, so I take seriously what he says
yet here's an excerpt from Alexander Cockburn's view (and in regard to the betrayal of public education, I wholeheartedly agree on Teddy's culpability). So was he a liberal lion or a neo-liberal lion?
Teddy Kennedy's disasters were vivid. His legislative triumphs, draped in this week's obituaries with respectful homage, were far less colorful but they were actually devastating for the very constituencies – working people, organized labor – whose champion he claimed to be.
He had the most famous car accident in political history when he drove off a wooden bridge on Chappaquiddick Island in July 1969, saying later that he had failed in several attempts to dive down 10ft to rescue Mary Jo Kopechne, a former aide of his dead brother Robert. She was in the back seat and drowned.
Ted quit the scene and called in standby Kennedy speechwriters instead of the police, a misdemeanor which cost him a two-month suspended sentence and any chance of ever following his brother Jack into the White House.
He made only one overt bid for the presidency and that was a colorful disaster too. He challenged the Democratic incumbent, Jimmy Carter, then seeking re-election in 1980. After three years, the left in the Democratic Party was bitterly disappointed in Carter's cautious centrism and Kennedy placed himself in the left's vanguard, declaring in a famous speech that "sometimes a party must sail against the wind".
In those days I was reporting on national politics for the Village Voice and Rolling Stone and covered Kennedy's bid. It got off to a shaky start when Roger Mudd of NBC, a well-known political reporter and TV newscaster, asked Ted on prime time why he wanted to be president. The thirty seconds of silence that followed this easy lob didn't help Kennedy's chances.
The campaign plane shot backwards and forwards across America, seeking photo opportunities. On one typical morning we left Washington DC at 6am and headed for the rustbelt where Kennedy stood outside a shuttered Pittsburgh steel mill and pledged to get the steel industry back on its feet. We shot west to Nebraska so Kennedy could stand in front of a corn silo and swear allegiance to the cause – utterly doomed - of the small family farmer. Then we doubled back to New York so he could stand on a street corner in a slum neighborhood in the Bronx and promise a better deal for urban blacks and Hispanics.
I asked one of Kennedy's campaign people why they didn't simply equip a studio in Washington with the necessary backdrops – steel mill, silo, urban wasteland – but he said it wouldn't be honest. As things were, the locations we flew to may have been genuine, but the campaign pledges were as dishonest as a studio backdrop, which is why Kennedy – bellowing out his speeches like a mammoth stuck in a swamp - sounded utterly fake.
By 1980 the die was cast. Disdaining the leftward option offered by George McGovern in 1972, the Democratic Party had thrown in its lot decisively with Wall Street, and the big players across the American corporate landscape. The labor unions and the other foot-soldier constituencies of the Party, would be flung rhetorical bouquets with decreasing fervor every four years.
Though the obituarists have glowingly evoked Kennedy's 46-year stint in the US Senate and, as 'the last liberal', his mastery of the legislative process, they miss the all-important fact that it was out of Kennedy's Senate office that came two momentous slabs of legislation that signalled the onset of the neo-liberal era: deregulation of trucking and aviation. They were a disaster for organized labor and the working conditions and pay of people in those industries.
The theorists of deregulation were Stephen Breyer who was Kennedy's chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee and Alfred Kahn, out of Cornell. Prominent on Kennedy’s dereg team was David Boies. Breyer now sits on the US Supreme Court, an unswerving shill for the corporate sector.
In the mid to late 1970s these Kennedy rent-a-thinkers began to tout deregulation as the answer to low productivity and bureaucratic and corporate inertia. Famous at that time was a screed by Breyer, then a Harvard Law School professor, quantifying such things as environmental pollution in terms of assessable and fungible “risks” which could be bought and sold in the market place. (The Natural Resources Defense Council, adorned by Ted’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., has long espoused this disastrous approach.)
The two prongs of Kennedy’s deregulatory attack – later decorated with the political label “neo-liberalism” – were aimed at airlines and trucking, and Kennedy’s man, Alfred Kahn was duly installed by Jimmy Carter at the Civil Aeronautics Board to introduce the cleansing winds of competition into the industry. By and large, airline deregulation went down well with the press and, for a time, with the public, who rejoiced in the bargains offered by the small fry such as People’s Express, and by the big fry striking back. The few critics who said that within a few years the nation would be left with five or six airlines, oligopoly and higher fares, were mostly ignored.
No one ever really wrote about the terrible effects of trucking deregulation outside the left press. It was certainly the most ferocious anti-labor move of the 1970s, with Kennedy as the driving force. Some of Kennedy’s aides promptly reaped the fruits of their legislative labors, leaving the Hill to make money hand over fist trying to break unions on behalf of Frank Lorenzo, the Texan entrepreneur who ran the Texas Air Corporation and its properties, Continental Airlines and its subsidiary, Eastern.
Did Kennedy fight, might and main, against NAFTA? No. As Steve Early relates in his piece on this site today, he was for it and helped Clinton ratify the job-losing Agreement. Then he put his shoulder behind GATT, parent of the World Trade Agreement.
We also have Kennedy to thank for 'No Child Left Behind' – the nightmarish education act pushed through in concert with Bush Jr's White House, that condemns children to a treadmill of endless tests contrived as "national standards".
And it was Kennedy who was the prime force behind the Hate Crimes Bill, aka the Matthew Shepard Act, by dint of which America is well on its way to making it illegal to say anything nasty about gays, Jews, blacks and women. "Hate speech," far short of any direct incitement to violence, is on the edge of being criminalized, with the First Amendment going the way of the dodo.
The deadly attacks on the working class and on organized labor are Ted Kennedy’s true monument. But as much as his brothers Jack and Bobby he was adept at persuading the underdogs that he was on their side. If it hadn’t been for Kennedy, a lot more people would have health coverage . In 1971 Nixon, heading into his relection bid, put up the legislative ancestor of all recent Democratic proposals, but Kennedy shot it down, preferring to have this as his campaign plank sometime in the political future.
After reelection, Nixon did promote a health plan in his 1974 State of the Union speech, with a call for universal access to health insurance. He followed up with his Comprehensive Health Insurance Act on February 6, 1974. Nixon said his plan would build on existing employer-sponsored insurance plans and would provide government subsidies to the self-employed and small businesses to ensure universal access to health insurance. Kennedy went through the motions of cooperation, but in the end the AFL-CIO, with a covert nudge from Kennedy, killed the bill because Nixon was vanishing under the Watergate scandal and the Democrats did not want to hand the President and the Republicans one of their signature issues. Now the Republicans scream “socialism” at exactly what Nixon proposed and Kennedy killed off 38 years ago, in 1971. To this day there are deluded souls who argue that Jack was going to pull US troops out of Vietnam and that is why he was killed; that Bobby, who worked for Roy Cohn and supervised a "Murder Inc" in the Caribbean, was really and truly on the side of the angels; that Ted was the mighty champion of the working people, even though he helped deliver them into the inferno of neoliberalism.

but a historian friend of mine responded
Please, spare me Mr. Cockburn’s dishonest rants. Yes, over a 47-year career, Kennedy got some things wrong—very wrong. Probably the biggest mistakes were indeed deregulating the airlines and trucking, although in the latter case what Mr. Cockburn and his associates are most concerned about—and what he doesn’t tell you here—was limiting the power of the Teamsters, hardly anybody but Cockburn’s ideal of a union.
Also, it was undoubtedly a mistake not to take Nixon up on his proposals for universal health care and a guaranteed national income—a mistake that Kennedy has openly regretted, and that many liberals of the time made. Yes, in the end, many of them were overly concerned with driving Nixon himself from office...something that I very much doubt Cockburn himself thought was a bad thing back in 1974.
There were other mistakes, and moral failings as well. I note that Cockburn carefully links to an associate who chastises Kennedy for not walking a picket line in the 1989 Verizon strike. Well, no doubt he should have.
But the exaggeration is immense here. Airline and trucking deregulation were hardly “momentous” pieces of legislation along the path to destroying American unions. No Child Left Behind has its problems but is hardly “nightmarish”—and particularly not in the form that Kennedy supported, but which was simply not implemented. To equate Kennedy’s revulsion over the death of Mathew Shephard, and his attempt to limit hate crimes, with destroying the First Amendment is simply a typical Cockburnian lunacy, on a par with his firm belief that prehistoric cave paintings are all part of a gigantic, modern conspiracy (true story!).
But in his usual fashion, Cockburn lays up every single failing and gives us none of the good the man did, and tried to do, including long periods of time when he was practically the only individual standing up against the right-wing onslaught. Had all the things Kennedy fought for and voted for come to pass, this country would be so far to the left as to be unrecognizable—something I would consider a very good thing indeed.
I seem to recall a few times when Mr. Cockburn got it wrong himself, such as his infamous quote about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (“If ever a country deserved to be raped, this is it.”). No doubt, though, he will go on banging the drum of purity forever, until we are all stilled to inaction by the impossibility of living up to the far left’s standards.

and then again there's this (granted it's from the nypost)
and this piece from GQ back in 1990

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yankees Mad Men Go Without Their Maddening Patience To Outwit Beckett

led by Derek Draper and hitting guru Kevin Long
an excerpt from the lower hudson valley news
Yankees pound Beckett, Red Sox, by Peter Abraham
BOSTON - The Yankees prefer to attack opposing starters with maddening patience. No team in the American League has a higher on-base percentage or has seen more pitches thrown this season.
But that approach, though effective most nights, had not worked against Boston ace Josh Beckett. The right-hander had not allowed a run in his two previous starts against the Yankees, turning their patience into his advantage by getting ahead in the count with fastballs, then using his secondary pitches to get outs.
That changed last night in a game that might have salted away the American League East title for the Yankees.
The Yankees came to the plate looking for Beckett's fastball, and when they got it, they went after it. The first pitch of the first inning was a fastball, and Derek Jeter drove it into the bullpen in right field. Beckett started the second inning the same way, and this time it was Hideki Matsui who hit it several rows deep into the right-field bleachers.

Sox Sorrow

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Michelle Damon's Pep Talk To The Yankees After Yesterday's Loss

Please teacher, teach me something,
Nice teacher, teach me something.
I'm as awkward as a camel, that's not the worst,
My two feet haven't met yet,
But I'll be teacher's pet yet,
'Cause I'm gonna learn to dance or burst.
Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start All over again.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip,
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Work like a soul inspired,
Till the battle of the day is won.
You may be sick and tired,
But you'll be a man, my son!
Will you remember the famous men,
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
I'll get some self assurance
If your endurance is great.
I'll learn by easy stages
If you're courageous and wait.
To feel the strength I want to,
I must hang on to your hand,
Maybe by the time I'm fifty
I'll get up and do a nifty.
Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start all over again.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip,
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Work like a soul inspired,
Till the battle of the day is won.
You may be sick and tired,
But you'll be a man, my son!
Will you remember the famous men,
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Together, Wherever They Go

looks like a couple of kv yankee fans tagged along
from the yankee lohud blog
Johnny Damon, left fielder and rock and roller, decided to organize a little field trip. Creed is playing in Hartford at the Comcast Theater tonight as part of their reunion tour and Johnny is tight with the guys in the band.
So Johnny rented a bus and he, Brian Bruney, Eric Hinske, Dave Robertson, Phil Coke and Kevin Long will travel from Boston to the show. Johnny arranged for everything.
“It worked out well with us having that night off,” Johnny said. “Good way to relax.”
This sort of thing has gone on all season. CC Sabathia hooked up NBA games, A-Rod picked up several dinners for the players in Tampa when he was rehabbing, etc. The Yankees are a solid bunch of guys.
Will that translate into the World Series? I have no idea. It has been my experience as a sportswriter that superior talent and good heath trumps good chemistry almost every time. But this is my fourth season around the Yankees and this bunch seems to get along better than previous editions.

Aunt Bee!

Keys To Success

Jorge and Laura Posada

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Derek's Version Of Hava Nagila?

Probably the version of this Moses

Moses In Action

The True Moses

While the nyc sportswriters talk up Teixeira for mvp there is no other player who deserves more than the guy above
For about a week now, the citizens of Yankee Beatwriterville have been campaigning hard for Mark Teixeira as AL MVP.  His 146 OPS+ and late-inning heroics have no doubt fueled their erotic passion for the slugger.  And make no mistake, we love Teixeira too and we'd let him pour hot candle wax over our hairy chests.  But, that doesn't mean he should win the MVP.  Because as it stands right now, he shouldn't. 

Let's start with the geeky argument and look at Fangraph's rankings for Wins Above Replacement (WAR):

1. Mauer 5.7
2. Zobrist 5.4
3. Longoria 5.3
4. Jeter 4.7
5. Scutaro 4.6
6. Crawford 4.3
7. Youkilis 4.2
8. Teixeira 4.0 

According to WAR, there have been 7 other players in the AL more valuable than Teixeira, including one on the same team.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mike Gets Endorsement From The Ten Commandments

I'm not sure if he got the endorsement or if he bought the commandments. In any case the chutzpah of this guy comparing himself to anyone named Moses. Robert's lifetime report card, on the whole, will far surpass Mike's.
from the nypost
Call him the new Moses -- Robert Moses, that is.Mayor Bloomberg says that since 9/11 he has tried to transform the city on a scale not seen since the days of the legendary and controversial master builder of highways, bridges and parks that changed the metropolitan landscape."I think if you look we've done more in the last seven years than -- I don't know if it's fair to say more than Moses did -- but I hope history will show the things we did made a lot more sense," Bloomberg tells The New Yorker." You know, Moses did some things that turned out not to be great: cutting us off from the waterfront, putting roads all along the water," he adds. One of these roads is the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which separates the city from the Brooklyn waterfront.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Three Ed Stooges

Read about their exploits at the Huffingtonpost by Leonie Haimson of the nycpublicschoolparentsblog
an excerpt
In a previous column, I reported how Arne Duncan has become an embarrassment here in New York City for his misuse of statistics and his slavish support of our billionaire Republican mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who is running for re-election to a third term. Duncan also called a series of blatantly propagandistic articles that supported Bloomberg's education record as "thoughtful", published in the NY Post, the tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch.
But the problem is much larger than this: Duncan's policies now threaten to alienate voters nationwide. The latest embarrassment is a national "tour," where Duncan plans to join Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich in cities around the country, pushing for more privatization, including the proliferation of more charter schools.
The fact that Duncan is joining these two disreputable figures reveals troubling insensitivity on his part. The last time Gingrich got involved in the education issue, Newt proposed forcibly removing children from inner-city parents to put them in orphanages and boarding schools .
As for Al Sharpton, he was prompted to become involved in the education issue in the first place in return for a $500,000 donation from a prominent hedge-fund, which was lobbying the state and the city to acquire off-track betting parlors. The cool half a million Sharpton received, improperly funneled through a tax-free pro-charter school organization, kept him out of jail when he was fighting federal charges of tax evasion and other illegal activities.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

The NYC Hypesters Get Officiating Help

Read about the exploits of Arne at nycpublicschoolparents and at gothamschools as well as nyceducator

Dunkin' Duncan

I wonder if Arne gets those klingers too?
Read about the exploits of Arne at nycpublicschoolparents and at gothamschools as well as nyceducator

The Yankees: We're Sittin On Top Of The World

Even if there was a future humpty dumpty fall this weekend's memorable sweep will never be forgotten
I'm sitting on top of the world,
Just rolling along
Just rolling along
I'm quitting the blues of the world
Just singing a song
Just singing a song
Glory hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
Hey, par, get ready to call
Just like humpty dumpty,
I'm going to fall
I'm sitting on top of the world
Just rolling along
Just rolling along
Some people have diamonds
And beautiful pearls
While others have children
Just kiddies with curls
Keep all of your fortunes
Keep all of your fame
I just found a sweetie
Who's changing her name
I'm sitting on top of the world
just rolling along
just rolling along
I'm quitting the blues of the world
Just singing a song
Just singing a song
Glory hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
Hey, par, get ready to call
Just like humpty dumpty,
I'm going to fall
I'm sitting on top of the world
just rolling along
just rolling along
Don't want any millions
I'm getting my share
I've only got one suit (one suit)
That's all I can wear
A bundle of money won't make you feel gay
A sweet little honey is making me say
I'm sitting on top of the world
just rolling along
just rolling along
I'm quitting the blues of the world
Just singing a song
Just singing a song
Glory hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
Hey, par, get ready to call
Just like humpty dumpty,
I'm going to fall
I'm sitting on top of the world
just rolling along
just rolling along

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bye Bye Bosox 2

from the yankee lohud blog
Be advised, Yankees fans, both CC and A.J. felt the love this weekend.
“Big weekend for both of us,” Burnett said. “I’ve never had 49,000 people in my corner like that before and I bet CC hasn’t, either. It gives you chills. Now I know what you guys were talking about when you said these Red Sox games are something different. You could feel it inside the stadium.”

Bye Bye Bosox

now do we really believe that they'lll be waiting in their rooms?
I'll be in my room alone
every post meridian
and I'll be with my diary
and that book by Mister Gideon.
Bye, bye baby
remember you're my baby
when they give you the eye,
and just to show that I care
I will write and declare
that I'm on the loose
but I'm still on the square.
I've been lonely
but even though I'm lonely
there'll be no other guy.
Though I'll be gone for a while
I know that I'll be smiling
with my baby by and by
with my baby by and by.
I'll be gloomy
but send that rainbow to me
then my shadows will fly.
Though you'll be gone for a while
I know that I'll be smiling
with my baby bye and bye

The Two Faces Of Geoge Vecsey

a h/t to Kevin Baker

There Will Be Red Sox Blood

Friday, August 07, 2009

Josh Just Chilling Before Big Start Tonight

Yanks Sign French Post Impressionist Pitcher

Yankees get RHP Chad "Eugène Henri Paul" Gaudin from San Diego Padres
NEW YORK — The New York Yankees acquired pitcher Chad Gaudin from the San Diego Padres for a player to be named or cash considerations.
The Yankees announced the trade during Thursday night's 13-6 victory over Boston.
The 26-year-old right-hander is 4-10 with a 5.13 ERA in 20 games for the Padres, including 19 starts.
"I love to win and that's what (the Yankees) do," Gaudin said. "I'm going to go there and help them win as many games as I can."
Gaudin did especially well in late July, giving up three earned runs or less in five straight starts.
Gaudin became expendable for the Padres, who have acquired seven young pitchers in two recent deals with Oakland and the Chicago White Sox.
"We have some more options and we will continue to give young players opportunities," San Diego manager Kevin Towers said. "Gaudin did a nice job when we were in a jam earlier in the year and he gave us some very good starts. It gives him an opportunity with one of the best teams in baseball right now and to wear the pinstripes."
He could fill a couple of roles for the Yankees, either in long relief or as the No. 5 starter. Sergio Mitre has been shaky since becoming the fifth starter after the all-star break.
Gaudin is 32-35 lifetime with two saves and a 4.58 ERA with Tampa Bay, Toronto, Oakland, the Chicago Cubs and San Diego since 2003.
Towers said the Padres have until Sept. 1 to decide on selecting a player from the Yankees organization or cash.

A Schilling For His Thoughts

from the biting folks at nomaas
The hypocrisy of Curt Schilling
Curt Schilling on Jose Canseco:

"Jose Canseco admitted he cheated his entire career," Schilling said. "Everything he ever did should be wiped clean. I think his MVP should go back and should go to the runner-up." 

Curt Schilling on Roger Clemens:

"So as a fan my thought is that Roger will find a way in short order to organize a legal team to guarantee a retraction of the allegations made, a public apology is made, and his name is completely cleared," Schilling wrote. "If he doesn't do that then there aren't many options as a fan for me other than to believe his career 192 wins and 3 Cy Youngs he won prior to 1997 were the end. From that point on the numbers were attained through using [performance-enhancing drugs]. Just like I stated about Jose [Canseco], if that is the case with Roger, the 4 Cy Youngs should go to the rightful winners and the numbers should go away if he cannot refute the accusations." 

Curt Schilling on Rafael Palmeiro:

“The year he tested positive, nothing he did that year should count, which I think would take away 3,000 hits for him.” 

Curt Schilling on Barry Bonds:

"If you get caught using steroids, you should have everything you've done in this game wiped out for any period of time that you used it," Schilling said. "A lot of players, I think, have said as much because it is cheating." And now moving on to Ortiz and the Red Sox...

Curt Schilling on whether David Ortiz's accomplishments should be judged differently:

That’s for you to decide. It seems to be an area of immense debate, but I am not sure how this could/should/will be resolved. 

Curt Schilling on whether Boston's accomplishments should be judged differently:

This makes me laugh. I have already seen the bandwagon fans start the *04 and *07 threads and remarks, people with teams who are far deeper into this than most other teams — as if this makes it all OK. Every team going back 10-15 years needs an * if you want to consider giving it to anyone.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Eva Gets Rick Rolled

I don't know what happened. She was on a roll with her stilted bs about the mayor and all of a sudden she got rick-rolled, by Barry Manilow no less

Big Papi's New Ad Campaign

Just in time for the big yanks-sox series

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Babka Bing

Nothing like a slice of chocolate babka to smooth things over

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mobster Family Feud

It's bad enough being a MOT with what Bernie Madoff did
from lawfuel
LOS ANGELES – The Grand Rabbi of Spinka, a religious group within Orthodox Judaism, pleaded guilty this morning to a criminal conspiracy charge, admitting that he worked with others to obstruct the Internal Revenue Service by soliciting charitable donations with secret promises to refund donors the vast majority of the money they “donated.”
Grand Rabbi Naftali Tzi Weisz, 61, of Brooklyn, New York, pleaded guilty to the felony charge before United States District Judge John F. Walter. The conspiracy had two objects: to obstruct the IRS and to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business. Weisz, several associates and five charitable organizations associated with Spinka were indicted by a federal grand jury in late 2007 in a scheme in which Weisz and his assistant solicited millions of dollars of contributions to the Spinka organizations by promising to secretly refund up to 95 percent of the contributions. In this manner, the contributors could claim as tax deductions the full amounts of their contributions, while actually having contributed as little as 5 percent of the amount they would declare on their federal income tax returns.
Weisz’s assistant, Gabbai Moshe E. Zigelman, 62, also of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty in June 2008 to conspiring with Weisz and has been sentenced to two years in federal According to court documents, Weisz and Zigelman surreptitiously refunded up to 95 percent of the contributions through several methods. In some cases, the contributors received cash payments through an underground money transfer
network involving various parties, some of whom operated businesses in and around the Los Angeles jewelry district. Yaacov Zeivald, 44, of Valley Village, California; Yosef Nachum Naiman, 57, of Los Angeles; Alan Jay Friedman, 45, of Los Angeles; and Moshe Arie Lazar, 62, of Los Angeles, have entered into plea agreements in which they admit their roles in the illegal money transfer network.

These four defendants are scheduled to plead guilty this afternoon.
A second method used to reimburse contributors was wire transfers from
Spinka-controlled entities into accounts secretly held at a bank in Israel. The accounts were established with the assistance of an international accounts manager at the bank, Joseph Roth, who previously pleaded guilty in the scheme.

Mike Invents A New Way Of Saying "Fore"

Despite the comments made about "The Fart Heard Round The World" at the spoof, an exclusive still that was captured revealed that Tiger and his caddy spotted the real culprit

from the spoof
Sure Tiger Woods won the Buick Open for the third time Sunday, but the big news Monday is about that Tiger Woods fart on live camera. I guess that's the Tiger roar for another victory so expect to hear some more manly farts throughout the year.
At one time you could have viewed the hole fart scene but the PGA has demanded that it be passed because they own all the rights and could sue anyone still sounding the alarm.
Woods, who must have shit his pants at the British Open recently by missing the cut, was at the 18th hole when the blowhole roared and he and his caddy went into a mutual laugh-a-thon. You can still catch some still shots if you hurry.
Of course the caddy will probably "Fall on his turd" to take the blame but it looks like Tiger grinned first and you know the saying about "He who smelt it, dealt it".
It's being reported that Tiger Woods also farted when he won the Arnold Palmer invitational in March, if you're keeping records. Many are going back and looking through some old video but so far, all they've found is John Daly taking a whiz in a water hazard at the 2004 US Open

Monday, August 03, 2009

Broid Sox Celebration

I "found" this damning photo of a Red Sox celebration with suspected steroid supplier Jared Remy in the mix. See article in the Boston Globe
An excerpt

Major League Baseball opened an investigation into performance-enhancing drugs inside the Red Sox clubhouse at the height of last year’s pennant race after two members of the team’s security staff were implicated in steroid use.
Both men were fired in a case that speaks to both Major League Baseball’s new intolerance for steroids and its inconclusive efforts to investigate suspicious cases.
The security staffers said they were dismissed after what they termed a cursory inquiry by Major League Baseball, and very limited questioning by the team - even though one of the guards says he swapped advice about steroids with David Ortiz’s close friend and personal assistant.
Both men said they told investigators they had no direct knowledge of steroid use by Red Sox players, including Manny Ramírez or Ortiz, both of whom were named in a New York Times report last week as having tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.
But, in interviews with the Globe, both revealed clubhouse details that could have fueled a more zealous inquiry. And the investigation did not even resolve the basic question of where the steroids the security staffer was caught with came from.

a h/t to Rich on the broid tag

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Chicago's George Schmidt and CORE Shred Arne Duncan and the Chicago Corporate Model

from ednotesonline
AMAZING, MUST SEE Video as Chicago's George Schmidt and CORE Shred Arne Duncan and the Chicago Corporate Model
CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators) has only been around for about a year and is capturing the imagination of Chicago teachers, parents and students. And George Schmidt has been doing his Substance thing forever. Teaming up Substance and CORE will shake the pillars of the ed deformers in Chicago.

the description by laborbeat which posted the video at blip tv
Before President Obama appointed Arne Duncan Secretary of Education, Duncan was the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Under his control there, Chicago Public Schools endured a relentless wave of privatization, school closings, militarization, union busting and blaming teachers for the problems of urban schools. Now, the war on public education pursued during the Bush administration will only continue and intensify under the new Secretary of Education Duncan. His Chicago Plan, as former teacher and editor of Substance News George Schmidt explains, is the template for a national strategy to dismantle public education. Through revealing footage and comments from Chicago teachers, this video shows the resistance that has been growing among teachers and community organizations.