Sunday, July 24, 2005

Making The Text To Project Connection

This can be very hard when you are under the gun to keep up with the TC pacing calendar, but it is very do-able. For example, I think this Abe Lincoln book might a title in the summer school collection. It might also have a corresponding audio (a valuable asset for any book). Suppose you are doing biography for your literacy unit. The book may have a picture of
Abe's house. Why not do a project on the "House Abe Lived In"


Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard those recent stories about Abe? You might not want to see what was really going on his house.

Tom Cruise

Anonymous said...

Tom, you don't necessarily have to feature the bedroom or the "closet"

Nicole Kidman

Anonymous said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that

Jerry Seinfeld

Anonymous said...

Leave Abe alone. That hat was a forerunner of the Orthodox Stetson.

The Rebbetzim