Saturday, July 16, 2005

Will Eisner Comics

The use of comics in literacy instruction, as well as tech integration, is largely untapped. I've already mentioned the Big Apple Almanac series. Will Eisner created many graphic novel masterpieces centering on home and neighborhood themes. His world view could be a little too simplistic for these cynical times, but the art will grab the kids attention and perhaps inspire them to create their own. Here's a blurb from The Building: "In this black and white trade paperback, Will Eisner examines the life, death, and rebirth of a South Bronx neighborhood over the span of 120 years. Examining the diverse ethnic experiences of Dutch, Irish, Jewish, English, and Italian settlers during the early 20th century, Eisner depicts the evolution of a rural area into an urban mecca as waves of immigration and its resulting social trauma mold a city. Witnessing these events through the eyes of workers, dreamers, reformers, and criminals, the reader is taken on a journey of hope, heartbreak, and healing."

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We can't use comics until Lucy says we can