Saturday, July 30, 2005 For NYC Video Resources does a very good job in documenting local and feel good stories of New York. The website streams many of the video segments shown on tv. With snapzpro I can capture these as quicktime movies for viewing offline. They come in handy not only for project based work but for topical lessons on news and holiday celebrations. For example, Sept 15-Oct 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. I might put together a folder of ny1 movies that feature Dominican, Puerto Rican and Mexican life in the city. Students would then view the movies and then do a narrative response using a word template that I created. Ms. Rosen's 3rd grade travel project of 2004-2005 dealt with visits to China, Russia, India and Puerto Rico. These nations were representative of the background of her students. From my archived ny1 collection I was able to augment their knowledge. This was done in a "push in" fashion with Ms. Rosen's and her student teacher's help. The kids worked with these movies on laptops in their classroom. Here's a slide show from ny1 that deals with a Chinese oral history exhibit at the Museum of the Chinese in America. Here's a word template that I used with Ms. Rosen's class. Their job was do write their versions of what the corresponding characters in the ny1 clip said. I did this in stages, at first they merely had to cut and paste the proper pre-written choices from another word file.

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