Saturday, July 23, 2005


Back to Clinton Street. One of my inspirations for the Clinton Street project was a a very original website made by one of its inhabitants a few year's ago (the block between Houston and Stanton). Here's the link to it. The site has pictures, primary documents, interview transcripts, some audio of the interviews and little panoramic movies. Here's the panoramic movie to Dr. Levine's optometrist's office (not there any more). Here's an audio of Dr. Levine. Panoramic movies are not hard to make. All you really need is a tripod to rotate a camera in a progressive circle and an application that stitches the stills together in a movie. The great Susan Abdulezer taught me how. I haven't done it in a while and I have to find out what a good OSX application there is for it. Hey DV, this is a shout out to you! Synchronicity you say. I got my first pair of glasses about 40 years ago from Dr. Levine in the office in that picture. I am sure many more have done so similarly. I don't know if the doc is still alive. Dr. Levine, I think, is the father-in-law of LES teacher and all star "hocker and banger" Marvin Chertok.


Anonymous said...

Nu? What's a hocker and banger? Some sort of sex maniac?

A Bagel Sister (two bagger, 10 Mil)

David Bellel said...

As far from it as possible, I thought you knew Marv?

Anonymous said...

Is railed some sort of sexual innuendo you pervert?

Jerry Falwell

Anonymous said...

No, it's not-you're the pervert Jerry and I'm telling George not to send you on any more of our retreats

the Rebbitzim

Anonymous said...

What about me?

Pat Robertson