Monday, July 25, 2005

Using Maps

Maps can be very useful to place the home idea within a relevant and useful context. Map study is also part of every grade's sstudies curriculum. Last year the map idea that Ms. Diaz suggested for her classes' trip down Broadway worked out well. There was collaboration with Ms. Olivieri, Ms. Dickinson and Ms. Brotman on a kid friendly neighborhood walking trip map, but their learning fair projects were sufficiently good enough not to overdo them.
The map to the left I discovered recently on the davidrumsey site. It was created by George Washington Bromley in 1891. Searching that site is a little difficult and you have to download a specific browser. I captured the map by taking successive screen shots and then pasted them together in a big photoshop file. BTW this map will be a useful resource in the next series of podcasts starring "The King of LES History," Sam Zilberzweig


Anonymous said...

Who is the Queen of Lower East Side History?

Tom Cruise

David Bellel said...

What a loaded question?