Saturday, July 16, 2005

Come On A My House/Metacognition

Dr. G actually taught me about metacognition. I wanted to show teachers the process of getting to know something and discovering all the paths that knowledge could take. I didn't know it had a fancy name. All this is quite different from what much of the current style of staff development is. Anyway my idea of home as a unifying theme came when I discovered the wonderful material on the Wagner/LaGuardia Archives site. What I did was reorganize much of the web content by combining the separate text and images. Here it is put together in a slideshow 2.6MB
Guess the singer? It shouldn't be hard. Let me tell you why she was great. Besides having a great voice and great phrasing, she was, by all accounts: a generous person, a good mother, a loyal friend, progressive politically, unconcerned about how she looked, and she came back from adversity. She also had great genes, judging by her nephew.
Find out here about the context for these images.

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Elizabeth Rosen said...

You gave it away - Rosemary Clooney! But I wouldn't have guessed that!