Monday, July 25, 2005

Podcast V: Bill's Strange Encounter In A Shoe Store

At the end of our almost hour talk Bill really started to wander. The shoe store's relevance to the test for a specialized school?
Maybe Sandy the Wonder Dog can figure it out. I was very happy to capture these stories for posterity but came away with a real sense of sadness. After struggling to tell one more story, I said to Bill, that's ok, you're tired we'll meet again and you'll tell me more. He then said to me, "Yes, but I so like just hearing myself tell it." Here's Bill.


Anonymous said...

What's with that faygala comment? I thought all you lefties were politically correct.

Lynne Cheney

David Bellel said...

I didn't think an old time yid like Bill could relate to the term gay. You have to know your audience, just like you
neo con fundamentalists knew how to appeal to the black church to garner anti-gay votes.