Friday, July 22, 2005

Podcast V: Bill Margulies & Co.

Some of the many people that Bill has met and has knowledge of. Clockwise from top left : Jackie Mason, Edward G. Robinson, Dr. Richard Schultz (not Jewish), Rodney Dangerfield, Gary Null and Whitaker Chambers. Bill mentions that he had a malamed (a hebrew teacher) when he was two years old. Here's part two of a man on the street interview that Steve Allen would never dream of. BTW David Letterman "stole" the man on the street concept from Steve Allen.


Anonymous said...

Was Whitaker Chambers a goy or a yid?

Anonymous said...

How about the Rebbitzim?

Laura Bush

Anonymous said...

I have no cartilage in my head. It's bone against bone.

Gifford Miller

Anonymous said...

I am the number 1 doctor and I'm Jewish

Dr. G

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you interview us?

The Original Men On The Street

Louis Nye
Tom Poston
Bill Dana
Don Knotts
Dayton Allen
Pat Harrington

David Bellel said...

I would love to. Are any of you still alive?