Thursday, July 28, 2005

The House I Live In: Leffert's Homestead

Ms. Bertoni's 3rd graders went on two trips two years ago for their historic landmark study. The first was to the Lefferet's Homestead. One of the tricks of our trade is to have Sam go along and videotape the trip, providing some commentary as well. Then we digitize the tape so that the class can view it on computers. They can review it, freeze it to capture images and create captions (in microsoft word). This can also be done as a shared reading and writing activity using a computer projector. I've discovered that making templates with separate text boxes for the images and text work well. This makes it easier for the kids to format. Another option with the digitized film is to replace the audio with the kids' own narrated track. Here's a portion of the digitized film.


Anonymous said...

"This can also be done as a shared reading and writing activity"

Did you think you could slip this in without anyone noticing?

Hal Litosis

David Bellel said...

I see nothing wrong with that, at least I didn't say "tuck or fold"