Friday, July 22, 2005

Recipe For Success-Native American Home Study

The summer ELL program has been a good testing ground for one aspect of the proposed "house I live in" theme. Much of the 5th grade curriculum centered around Native Americans. The kids have gone on weekly trips. Thursday a group went to Smithsonian Native American Museum located near the Battery. The exhibit there featured the paintings of George Caitlin. They've been reading, researching, writing, listening and creating models-a great recipe. I combined the images Rafael took along with some I found on the online exhibit and a Native American Cherokee song, sung by Robbie Robertson.


Anonymous said...

Recipe For Success is so trite and so typically pseudo of you

Suzanne (not Muller)

David Bellel said...

What's your recipe for success, your hiring policy?

Anonymous said...

That Rafael is un hombre muy macho?

Anonymous said...

I am the hombre "que tiene mas muy macho."

Ramon, custodial staff

Anonymous said...

How can I reach Rafael?