Friday, December 16, 2011

Derek Jeter's Gift Basket

Complete with a special iconographic framed photo of John Sterling and an ultra high speed Brett Gardner rabbit.

Change In Scheduling For Bronx Hanukkah Party

Actually, Ryan was never scheduled to appear, but...?

Jerry And Bernie Try Tebowing

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fourth Accuser In Bernie Fine Case

from a story in the syracuse post dispatch Van Hooser claims he had contact with Fine this past summer. Could that be the two of them at a Hugh Jackman concert appearance or the work of some rouge photoshopper?

Not To Be Outdone By Derek, Ryan Braun Creates His Own Gift Baskets

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tim McCarver's Reference To Hugh Jackman On Broadway

Bet he wished he was there instead of extra innings broadcast. I can't imagine why anyone would want to see Jackman, unless...

Members Of The Tribe: A Little Yiddish From The Kinslers

An excerpt from an article about Kinsler's dad
"I think honestly, what he really taught me is that whatever you do, you do it to the best of your ability," Kinsler said in a Father's Day reflection on growing up as the son of a prison warden in Tucson, Ariz.
"I don't think I really brought that with me into school, but in everything else I did, I did just that," Kinsler said.
Kinsler's father was an athlete, but also studied psychology in college. Both came in handy in working with his son as both his father and Little League coach. But Kinsler's favorite memory is of his father working with him one day in Tucson's Dennis Weaver Park. It was just the two of them in a typical father-son outing.
"He was hitting ground balls to me when I was about 10 years old," Kinsler said. "He was hitting them hard, smashing them at me. There was this old man walking his dog that came by. He stopped and watched and asked my dad how old I was.....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey, Tony, Tony Italiano!

The birds were turned back by Napoli
And their hitting missed the scenery
Ron's dances and Punto's charming wrongs
But wait a minute, something's wrong
Hey, Tony, Tony Italiano!
Hey, Tony, Tony Italiano!
No, no, no  no world series win for you, you Sicialiano

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Girl Friend For Arod: According To Type?

I wonder where he finds such similar looking women? from the daily mail
Alex Rodriguez clearly has a type when it comes to women. Despite splitting from fitness freak Cameron Diaz just weeks ago, a mystery woman has been spotted leaving the New York Yankees slugger's Miami home. And she's a dead ringer of his former actress girlfriend, minus a few years and plus a few muscles.

Charlie's Angels Cancelled: Blame It On Arod?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Ajax Should Have Never Been Traded

He would have fit right in with Arod and Tex. He has the same post-season hole in his bat.

Red Socks Make Bold Move: Hire Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry

Since the 2011 collapse was plagued by different forms of substance abuse, ownership looked for experienced hands to tackle the problems. The two are slated to fill the recently vacated gm and field manager positions. It's undecided which former Yankee/Met will take which job. More than likely the two will decide it over a game of Beat the Barman

Mark Teixeira Yankee Halloween Mask And Bodice: Complete With Post Season Hole In Bat

Seen above in action in last year's Brooklyn celebration in Windsor Terrace. Kit available with double sided tape or string with accompanying punch out hole version.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Brian De Vale: The Personification Of Cojones

from ednotesonline
Principals, 80% (according to scuttlebutt) of whom have been appointed under the Bloomberg regime, are increasingly becoming a Trojan horse for Black & Bloom as they see the favored charter schools inundating their neighborhoods with flyers and expensive ads while their schools are cut to the bone. Black came to a Williamsburg District 14 Community Education Council meeting on February 28 at a particularly sensitive time. The entire neighborhood has been inundated with Harlem Success Academy fliers, ads at every subway stop and on every doorknob while public schools are starved. There are many charters in District 14 but as usual Eva has pushed the buttons a bit too far. She doesn't know just what she is in for and it will be fun to watch this develop as Eve puts young children into the IS 33 building in the middle of one of the most dangerous areas - a point people made at this meeting (video of this in a few days.)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Man Who Saved New York: Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975

The above is from a June 30th, 2010 interview at ny1.
I was at a book talk at the Tenement Museum last night for The Man Who Saved New York: Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975 It featured Robert Polner, an award-winning journalist and political writer, who works as a public affairs officer for NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service and Tom Robbins, the legendary investigative reporter of the Village Voice and union steward.
Kevin Baker, the historical novelist, moderated the discussion. By doing so he extended his record for the number of appearances as a book talk host. He did his usual great job while adding Woody Allen and Helmut Schmidt impersonations to his versatile shtick.
An excerpt from a review in the irish echo.
A letter from a future rival a half century ago changed Hugh Carey’s life. The authors of a new study of the two-term governor argue further that it altered the course of New York’s history and even that of the nation.
“I don’t know what would have happened to New York if Hugh Carey had lost the governorship,” said one of them, Seymour P. Lachman, in reference to an election 14 years later.
The following year, 1975, President Ford told the city to “drop dead,” in the Daily News’ words, when it asked for a federal bail-out.
That piece of mail all those decades ago, however, was from Republican Congressman Francis E. Dorn saying his office had conducted a poll that showed John F. Kennedy would be beaten by a 3 to 1 margin in his 12th District in Brooklyn.
“Carey bristled at the mailing,” write Lachman and his co-author Robert Polner in “The Man Who Saved New York: Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975.” He felt that the Democrat’s family background and charisma would be advantages against Richard Nixon, a law-and-order Republican who might otherwise be expected to win in the 12th District.
He asked the local Democratic boss whom the party was running against Dorn. “We haven’t got anybody and down at headquarters, nobody wants to put any money into it,” he was told. “They’re sure he can’t be beat.”
So Carey, lawyer, businessman, decorated World War II veteran and father of a growing family, decided to take on the well-respected, four-term Dorn. In November, the Democrats won the White House and the 12th District.
JFK, of course, was a Catholic who could trace all of his family roots to Ireland; Carey, now 91, remains the only directly elected governor of New York with that ethnic profile. And while the Kennedys acquired fabulous wealth in three generations in America, the Carey did well enough in two.
Hugh Leo Carey was born at home in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on April 11, 1919. He grew up one of six brothers in what the authors describe as a “business-minded family.” His father, Denis “D.J.” Carey, was the only son of Michael and Delia Carey, immigrants from County Galway who worked in America as a laborer and a house-worker. D.J. married Margaret Collins, the daughter of immigrants from County Tyrone, and the couple together ran the motor oil distribution company he founded in 1920s. It went bust during the Great Depression, but the family had established a firm toehold in the industry and Ed Carey, the governor’s older brother, became a billionaire.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chatty Cathie: NYC"s Wind-Up School Chancellor Doll

Thanks to Perdido Street for the graphic inspiration
Cathie's Choice: New Yorkers Comment On Cathie
Some very interesting comments on the latest Cathie Black gaffe in which she suggested birth control as a solution for school overcrowding and compared "tough decisions" she has to make on school funding and placement to sending children to a Nazi death camp:
A word of advice, Cath. You need to build up a modicum of credibility before you start with the wisecracks. Despite what you may believe, you have none when it comes to the educational system.
Well, what do you expect from a Waspish Park Ave matron? It's just a matter of time before her views on eugenics become public.
Come on, you guys. She was absolutely right. A little birth control would have been a great thing. Pity her own parents didn't use it...........

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Scenes We'd Like To See

Mike Bloomberg's Waterloo?

The Gift Collector

from wnyc: Know Your Neighbor: Judee, The Gift Collector
Wednesday, December 22, 2010, By Jennifer Hsu
Last-minute shoppers and re-gifters, let the story of Judee Rosenbaum inspire you to change your ways. Each January, she begins collecting a year's worth of finds for family and friends, precisely chosen items that she trusts the recipient will love.
"I collect everywhere I go," says Rosenbaum. A hummingbird box, an opium bottle, and a tiny Mexican owl sculpture are just a few items among the two hundred or so on her list this holiday season.
Meet this semi-retired teacher who has perfected the art of the good gift in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.
Note the inclusion of famous left-handers Anetta Stein and Robbie Cano