Friday, July 29, 2005

In Search Of Zubik and Ancestor Student Stories

Remember Katy Zubik, part of the Hungarian enclave of the LES and a PS13 attendee? While I was searching for the death record of Greenfields, (and realizing how difficult that can be with such a common name) I tried searching Zubik. Could this (above) be her? Not the exact match of birth dates and it would require her to retain her maiden name and move to Boston..who knows. There's a seed for research project here, i/e. plotting data of years lived of former PS20 graduates. We would use the pretty much guaranteed deceased graduates from the early 1900's and I guess concentrate on males. Back to Mr. Kerne's kids. Here's a slide show that was done by the "ghost" of Catherine Fazio. Two years ago the project link was with the Tenement Museum, a current project could focus on the home aspect.

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