Friday, July 22, 2005

Air America Radio

Writing a blog has created anxiety to go out and find interesting stories to document. There was an opportunity for one this morning when Air America Radio, 1190AM, was to do a remote broadcast from Park Slope. Stephanie, my wife, had gone to two previous remotes and had a good time. Today I got up at 5:00 (after around 2 hours sleep) to get a good seat and a goodie bag at the Tea Lounge on Union Street. I was the fifth person on line, the first four guys looking sufficiently my equal in the lefttist conspiracy sniffing underworld. The first guy, Rich, was practically foaming at the mouth. I managed to provide some key information to his discussion about General Smedley Butler. As part of the broadcast,a folk singer named Freedy Johnson performed. Currently he is appearing at a place on Ludlow, between Stanton and Rivington and also at a club in Piermont. Did someone say synchronicity? Arthur Schwartz , the food critic just walked in-he says he lives around the corner. He just used the word gelatinous. More to come.

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