Saturday, July 30, 2005

That's Gold Jerry, That's Gold!

While looking around for information on the Rivington Street pickleman Jack Greenfield and his son, who died in WW2, I remembered the interesting plaque of WW2 veterans that was on the corner of Our Lady of Sorrows School. I found it interesting because the list was ecumenical, i.e.inclusive of gentiles and jews. Two years ago I felt that plaque was a great seed for a collaborative school project with the Catholic School still housed at the site. I couldn't sell it to the principal there, I think the salesman was "too Jewish" for her taste and the ecumenical feeling was lost in history. Anyway, I didn't see a Greenfield on the plaque, but I see a Max and Joseph Margolies. Bill Margulies mentioned a brother who was a war hero. Maybe the name was spelled with an o in the census. Sure enough-bingo! I find a Max Margolies who has a brother named Willie and a sister named Sarah. Willie (William, Bill) would be 83 years old, just like he said. And btw, they came from Rumania. Here's a slide show about the Lady of Sorrows plaque, (the slide show actually does a good job explaining the how to of the proposed project) (fitting in with this primary thread) and a substitute for the Banya, "That's Gold Jerry." audio I had been in search of. Actually, what I need is "That's synchronicity, Jerry." Any guesses as to the character accompanying the quote? If you are new to this blog and totally confused, go to the archives and view the 7/23.05 entry, entitled, Podcast VI: Bill Margulies. PS64, Mr. Krappner, Hymie Perrick

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