Friday, July 22, 2005

Colonial Museum

Every year Yolande takes her kids to the little known Colonial Museum located on 61st Street. Here the kids get to experience that era's life by dressing up in costumes, hearing stories and dancing. The trip didn't fit in with last year's transportation theme (her great project relied on other resources), but if she goes again it's a good match for this year's. Here's a slide show I made with pictures she took on last year's trip. I combined it with a colonial midi I found on an excellent resource for midi music:


Anonymous said...

Say, what's the name of that song?

Cousin Brucie

David Bellel said...

It's called Bold Dickie. It's about the rescue of a fellow named Dick who is imprisoned in a family feud.

Bold Dickie broke lock,
Bold Dickie broke everything he could see.
He took poor Archer under one arm
And he carried him out so manfullie.

They mounted their horses and so rode they,
Who but they so merrilie!
They rode till they came to that broad river,
And there they alighted so manfullie.

"Bold Dickie, Bold Dickie," poor Archer says he,
"Take my love home to my wife and children three,
For my horse grows lame, he cannot swim,
And here I see that I must dee."

Anonymous said...

Any synchronicity with leacock and p.p. dickey or infantile sexualism?

Dr. Jung