Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Close Up View of Historic Homes

A title like the above would never make the cut in the major leagues of jargon-babble. You would have to work in the term lens (fine, close-up) or something like unwrapping or peeling layers or digging deeper. You also have to show passion, like your observations are steeped or scaffolded or focalized or percolating. All of it is just a sublimation for a visit to a Rivington Street store (not Economy Candy). I was looking to re-work some material from the Historic House theme from two years ago. Instead of looking at the architectural elements that most of us did from the outside, we could look at how the people lived inside. The only problem is that many of these places were the homes of rich folks. If we look at the Tenement Museum, which Jerry and Debbie's kids did really well, there is great new stuff. The Tenement Museum site has panoramic movies for just about each room of all the different apartments. The one shown is from the Confino living room. This is a great inspiration for modeling, imagining, writing, etc.

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