Saturday, July 30, 2005

Video Resources With A Primary Look

Two movies that I have found invaluable in examing older incarnations of New York City and the LES are, "Once Upon A Time in America," and "Naked City." (They also give glimpses of home life in many scenes).The latter was made in 1948 and was one of the first films shot on location, the former was made in 1984. "Naked City" is considered a film noir classic (whatever that means). It's director, Jules Dassin, and its screenwriter, Albert Maltz, were later blacklisted. "Once Upon A Time" attempts to be an historic fictional account of Jewish Gangsters on the Lower East Side. In the two linked clips we see in "Naked City" a scene where the movie's villain is being chased through the streets of the Lower East Side. I believe we see parts of Rivington, Clinton and Delancey Street. I have to ask Sam where Kobren's Haberdasher was, because that will clarify things. You get to see the SE corner of Clinton and Delancey that Sam described. It is where the police precinct and the old Apollo Theater existed. You also get to see what the entrance of the Williamsburgh Bridge used to look like, as well as old newsstands like Hank's. In the Once Upon A Time Clip, the boys are gathering to do a job for their gangster employer. Note the horses that Kisseloff's recorders described.

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