Thursday, July 28, 2005

Podcast IX: Sam Resists Temptations of Criminal Element

"Not me, I was in school." I wonder how true that statement of Sam's was. It certainly wasn't true of Dr. G .
I had only downloaded and reconstructed the Bromley map recently so when Sam mentioned a police station I could envision where it was. Attorney and Clinton are short blocks, but there are also portions of them that exist South of Delancey Street.
The construction of the Williamsburg Bridge in the early 1900's and later the Seward Park Houses in the 60's obliterated much of those southern sections. Clickling on the map will open a larger version so that you can see details that are mentioned in the 3rd part of Sam's fascinating story.


Anonymous said...

Exactly how many ughs did you use in that segment

Sam Leiter-your speech teacher from Brooklyn College

David Bellel said...

Sounds like 5 or 6.

Hey Dr. Leiter-Speaking of criminal element-
remember when Richie Shulberg (Citizen Kafka) gave me
the questions ahead of time to the Speech final in 1967 and then I turn told Steve Hirsch and Carl Levinson to copy off of me, (discreetly) and we got busted because Carl copied Hirsch's paper exactly so that you could see all the dots line up?

Anonymous said...

I remember like it was yesterday. When I brought you guys out in the hall Carl sang like a canary just like David Greenglass.

Dr. Leiter

David Bellel said...

Yeah, Carl was an accounting major. He probably went on to be Enron's chief finacial officer.