Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mr. Beller's Neighborhood

There was an article in today's Times' City section on the floating armoire of Tom Beller who created this site. When I saw it years ago I said what a great idea and wouldn't it be great as a template for kids to post stories about their neighborhoods and the places they visited on school trips. Well it wound up that Tom has pitched that idea to a few schools. fieldston uses it very effectively.
I'd like to imagine a city doe site that would incorporate that idea and give kids and teachers a real voice to show their stuff
and all those small unnoticed victories* that go on every day. *borrowed from Samuel G. Freedman
I created a prototype in a slideshow format of how that could be expressed. Here I combined photos of the Fieldston group near the LES' Seward Park along with an audio from the Talking Streets site. That's the voice of Jerry Stiller who grew up on the LES and attended the Boys' Club on 10th Street and Avenue A. My idea would to have the kids record their own audios-sort of what I was working on with Naphtali.


Anonymous said...

That would only happen if someone with Susan A's creativity was put in charge of IT and had the
freedom to do what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

In the slideshow are those two homeboys with the doo rag and the red and white hat Israel Bonano and Sam Zilberzweig?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm sure it's not them-maybe Peter and Mariano

Anonymous said...

why can't you have someone peer review that before you put that up

Mr. Chew

David Bellel said...

Hey fella, why don't you peer review this!

Anonymous said...

You could have also said to him
"Hey chew, chew this."