Sunday, July 10, 2005

Do You Smell Something?

Notice the bipolar nature of these posts? Maybe it's necessary to purge the system's bile before one can concentrate
on the positive. (there's a heap of pseudo intellectualism!). People actually get paid good money to create
these documents (look in documents folder)
Reams of procedural mumbo jumbo, but not one shred of a simple example of what a good unit looks like. That's because many of these people have lost connection to real kids and real teachers-or never had any to begin with.
The Caulkinites talk a lot about the benefit of mini lessons and conversations that lead to directed connections with the text and self. It's hard to do that if kids don't have those shared experiences. Imagery helps and it's relatively easy to provide.
To accompany "A River Ran Wild" I recommend the construction of a topic collage to engage discussion and illicit accountable talk. In the image folder there is a 1.6MB collage of the Nashua River (30"X30") and a folder where that image has been sliced into 12 parts for print assembly.

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Anonymous said...

kudos, the collage links nicely to the touchtone text.
sort of like a two point conversion that is booted straight through the scaffolding.