Saturday, July 23, 2005

Synchronicity Defined

I did some research on synchronicity. Seems like the term originated with Carl Jung. Also the Police recorded a song entitled "Synchronicity," not Steely Dan. The phenomenom not only seems to apply to personal coincidences, it also works with internet research. For example, I'm at the Air America broadcast and Smedley Butler's name comes up. I decide to re-research him since he is definitely blogworthy. I wind up finding a really good educational site at I find out something I never knew, that Sept. 17th is International Peace Day. I had just learned about the efforts of Sen. Byrd to commemorate the Constitution in September! Kidzpeace has coloring pages of peace heroes, including Smedley Butler. Images of coloring pages that can be downloaded are an excellent resource to use offline in programs that allow you to paint, like KIdPix or PhotoShop (especially the more economically viable PhotoShop Elements)

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