Friday, July 15, 2005

Vos Heyst ("What's Going On")

I thought "vos is diss," sic? (what is this?) would be a more appropriate title for this post, but it just doesn't come up in any of my yiddish dictionary searches. Anyway, I'm kicking myself because I could have sworn that years ago that more letters were visible above the 3rd floor corner window at 79 Clinton Street. Now, after some masonry work I one can only see G A and either I or L. I'm wondering whether it had something do with Ma Mandelbaum. Maybe it's a secret code that means, "Get cheap stolen goods here." Maybe Sam will know, or at least make up something convincing.
FYI Learning the writing procedure of proper parenthesis use should be coordinated with a reading/writing theme for which it is appropriate, e.g. a narrative explanation. I think that is supposed to come about as part of November TC roll out.
Don't forget to stop and jot, scaffold and fold in. Look forward later to an incredible story/interview with pics that took place at the New Life Center on Thursday, July 14th. A mea culpa is in order for my preconceptions of the place. Be patient, subsequent to the interview my brain was "sanditized." A shout out to Joyce, Marta, Martha, etc.. versteyst (understand, you dig)?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the folks at Gotham would know about 79 Clinton
or the SS experts at Tweed?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and maybe Mickey Mantle was a Sephardic Jew.