Thursday, July 07, 2005

Steep Throat

First, the answer to the mystery person picture. He's Bernie Lemonick, a 1950 All American guard for the University of Pennsylvania. A Landsmen no less
(Yiddish from German, "countryman") — A fellow Jew from the same town
or district in eastern Europe. landsmannschaft (German)

He is my late mother's first cousin from the Ferman side of the famiy in Philadelphia.
About 90 years ago the upwardly mobile Fermans dissed my Bobbi, Dora Brotman, when it was deemed that my grandfather, Louis Ferman, married beneath himself. In 2005 the Philadelphia Fermans are still dissing the New York Brotmans. More to come.

The Steep Throat byline is a reference to a story from the Daily Howler on test score irregularities. Scroll down to "Do Urban Kids Matter?'

Another Skandal:
Looking with more depth at the skimpy summer Pearson Publishing materials- Pearson is a British publishing conglomerate that over the last few years bought out just about every major U.S. schoolbook publishing firm. Here's an article on their checkered history
Textbook League

What bureaucratic genius selected this skata?
Greek Translation

La Dolce Bello:
What Esta is no Queen Esther?

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is it Emelio Estevez's mother?