Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Shop Talk

1. Solution to transferring Garage Band (since it is not included on iLife Disc): Copy Application Support files to Library folder in HD, not user Library. 2. To make a dmg (image) use Disc Utility. First make a blank image (specifying appropriate size), then copy files to blank image folder. 3. Make sure date and time are correct since this can lead to many undetected errors
Still pending: 1. Why can't I paste a picture over an existing picture in a text box word file on first attempt. 2. Why can't I extend the maximum recording time in Garage Band? 3. Why is it when you transfer an app via file sharing, you don't have to worry about preference and system folders? 4. Why does the TC Workshop approach seem so appeallingly logical
yet feel so wrong? 3a. Can people be expert teachers if they have never taught in the trenches? 4. When Educators do strategic planning why don't they ever take advantage of events that are current and enlivening and overlap e.g. studying Native Americans when "Into The West" broadcasts or "fantasy" as a literacy topic when "Chronicles of Narnia" premieres (in December, 2005) 5. How can anyone be a Republican? 6. Is the luckiest guy in the world Tim Robbins or Allegra's boyfriend?


Anonymous said...

There is no fantasy genre study this year-not until the spring of 2008. If we find a fantasy book in your library, regardless of level, we will bust your touchstone text
where it tucks in.
Lucy and Leslie

Anonymous said...

don't get the picture

do get allegra

Anonymous said...

since this post is "shop talk" can I use that old joke about
Billie Jean King and Snap On Tools?