Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Garage Band

It took awhile today but I digitized a tape from Rafael's series (betsy ross book). The white ibooks didn't have garage band and I couldn't successfully copy it from my G4 powerbook. The ESL classes have a better series. It comes from Hampton-Brown and it is called Into English. There are many charts, posters and the tapes have chants and songs.

I never realized garage band could be used as an mp3 recorder, editor as well as mixer. You have to change the settings from the default "software" source. This saves a lot of time and storage space from the old way of recording with wave or aiff files in sound edit pro and converting to quicktime and importing into itunes.

In this way a the kids can each have the audio of the books from the hampton series on a laptop.

I wanted to add pictures to the blog, but I couldn't do it yesterday following the blogger instructions. DV told me I could link
to my .mac account if I putr the pictures I want there. Some code use is neccessary and I was actually going to attempt it,
but tonight the blogger instructions worked with no hitch.

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Anonymous said...

admit it, you must have had help from gutterface.