Saturday, July 09, 2005

Google Maps

If you have never used google maps, you are in for a treat. Later for mapquest! First, for a mac user you need to use safari (1.2 version) as your browser. Leaving Philly last week I attempted to find where cousin Bernie Lemonick currently lives.
Using yahoo people search I found his address, then with google maps I was able to zero in on his home. He has two addresses. Unforunately, it's tough to drive and follow a map on your computer at the same time. I got close, but then abandoned the semi-psychotic journey for a McDonald's chocolate shake dinner.

FYI leaving Philadelphia north via Broad Street and 611 takes you back in time to Brownsville, NY, 1970. Pawn shops, abandoned and bordered up buildings, ramshackle nite clubs and obscurely named fried chicken businesses. Probably, if you wanted to vote last year-a long wait. America-what a country!

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