Friday, February 23, 2007

Walking My Baby Back Home YouTube

I just realized that through VisualHub (a mac utility) that I can easily make DVD versions of many of my slide shows. The program also stitches files together. I made one of this and I also made a youtube version.I mentioned this previously here (copy and paste the url below-I'm too lazy now to code the direct link)

This actually illustrates tech idea #29. With younger kids, instead of having them act out a suggested movie scene, just have them pose for a receated historical scene and take stills of that for a latedr constructed slide show movie version.
tech idea # 30. By creating DVD versions (using say VisualHub for Mac) of home made movies you can create a more easily shared version of studfent work
since DVD players are certainly cheap enough and can be connected to the more prevalent large format monitors used in offices and auditoriums.

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