Sunday, February 25, 2007

Knickerbocker Village Bar Mitzvahs: 1956

From the East Side News of 10/13/56: The families of the following KV boys and JHS 71 students: Dick Berger, Stephen Lieber, Paul Moloff, Michael Steinberg recently celebrated their bar mitzvahs. Looks like the Moloffs and Steinbergs were a little more well off (or maybe just conspicuous), as their boys' receptions were held at Gluckstern's on 80 Norfolk Street. The Lieber's had their sons' reception at the K.V. Social Hall. I have no recollection of a KV Hall? JHS 71 (Robert Simon) on Avenue B and 6th Street is now a building that combines PS64, Tompkins Square Middle School and the Earth School. I wonder why KV boys didn't go to JHS 65 (which was closer) instead.

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