Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's All Sing, Let Our Voices Ring

It's Eastside Gluckstern's Restaurant And Caterers. The last post sent me looking for info on Gluckstern's. Here's an example of adding text to a quicktime movie. I got the song from the Yiddish Radio Project and combined it with images from the Library of Congress (
from a 1959 article on Gluckstern's
The history of GLUCKSTERN'S beginnings go back to the turn of the century, when Louis Gluckstern operated a modest little dinery in the rear of a Grand St. saloon, near the East River ferry. The fame of his traditional Jewish dishes, as well as Romanian, Hungarian and Slavic cooking, soon drew the uptown "carriage trade." His steady customers today include Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Eddie Cantor, Milton Berle and other big names of show business. Recently Phil re-turned from a visit to Ireland with something unique —a native Irish recipe for corned beef and cabbage Kosher style. Phil Gluckstern's (Kosher), 209 W. 48th St., recently celebrated its 60th anniversary under one family's management. It is one of the city's representative Jewish restaurants, on the same location now for 13 years, and has expanded to three floors.

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