Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Going To Chicago

You keep your New York joys
I'm going to Illinois
Just as fast as I can
You New York women think you'll made a fool of any man
Play all kinds games and you'll cheat if you can
You felt like a tool maker man a fool
What a beautiful bottle
Got my money, that's it
How can you mind if I split
Going back where a woman knows how to treat a man
And people are friendly without no hidden plan
It's the best in the midwest
It's a real, down city, full of good folks who come from home
And when I get back I'll never roam far from my little shy town
Goodbye, farewell
I might see you later
Goin' to Chicago, sorry but I can't take you,
I come from shy town. Going back to my town
Goin' to Chicago, sorry but I can't take you,
No use in crying. I know you're lying
There ain't nothing in Chicago, that a monkey woman can do.

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