Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Boys Of Summer: 47(?) Years Later 2

Here's the code to figure out this photo. 71 stands for the address (71 Monroe Street) of some older guy who I stopped while taking pictures last week. He had the look of an old Knickerbocker Village resident and he was. Turns out he was a few years younger than me (but looked a lot older) and had gone to St. James and PS 1, before going to PS 177. He had moved into Knickerbocker in 1966. He was very impressed that Nancy Bueller had been my girl friend, since her beauty was legendary in the neighborhood. The x marks the spot where either Tommy Red or Richie LaGrippo hit a monster home run off of me. There is an arrow pointing to where that spot actually was (a supporting arch of the Manhattan Bridge).
HP stands for the approximate spot of home plate in the original dirt field ballfield. The new grass ballfield is on the spot of PS 177. HB stands for the handball court where I ruined my arm pitching to a drawn strike zone in simulated nine inning games with a spaldeen. B stands for the approximate spot where the famed picture was taken.

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