Saturday, January 20, 2007

Junk In A Box

The mayor and the chancellor presented yet another reorganization plan this week. No matter how they gift wrapped it, all they did was put their "junk in a box"
Our admired colleague at ednotesonline.blogspot actually has press credentials and got to sit in a follow up press conference at Tweed. He was able to provide a great photo of the dreaming of future glories Chris Cerf and the dreamer of past glories Andres Alonso.

Some quotes from the post:
After the news conference was over, one of the minions in the peanut galary who was sitting opposite me and looked to be dozing for most of the conference came over to us. "I'm Christopher Cerf," he said to Sol (I immediately held up a cross to ward off the evil privatizer.)
Update to this post on Jan. 19:
I wrote the comment about Cerf dreaming about Edison taking over the schools and the next day we get this from the Jan. 19 Daily News that "surprise, surprise",
"The world's largest for-profit school operator yesterday expressed interest in being a part of the massive school reforms laid out this week.
While Chancellor Joel Klein pitched his sweeping school overhaul to business leaders and educators yesterday, he said that he expected mainly universities and nonprofits to apply for the private contracts available under the reforms.
He acknowledged, though, that legally he can't exclude for-profits, adding that, "I don't expect the for-profits will apply, but that's up to them."
But Edison Schools - the controversial for-profit group that attempted to takeover five failing city schools in 2001 - would "certainly be interested" in reviewing opportunities and seeing "whether it would be a good fit," company spokeswoman Laura Eshbaugh said yesterday."

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