Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reet, Petite And Gone

I found a Louis Jordan film that was in public domain and converted a portion of it for youtube. Those ladies are fine, but they need lessons from the Dreamgirls.

I found a girl who beat's them all
she isn't too short and she isn't too tall
she's in the groove and right on the ball
she's reet, petite and gone.
What a babe, she's the tops
when we go out they don't need no traffic cops
one look at her and traffic stops
she's reet, petite and gone.
I could have my pick you know
'coz i got dough ready to go
this chick's so mighty fine
she's got me all tied up like a ball of twine
when I do things I do 'em right
I'll never let her out of my sight
we'll tie the knot and tie it tight
she's reet petite and gone.
That chick has changed my attitude
whenever i gaze on her poultritude
I'm telling ya Jack, she's mighty fine
got me all tied up like a ball of twine
those other chicks leave me cold
you can't compare brass with 14 carat gold
after they made her they broke the mould
she's reet, petite and gone.
She's reet, petite, neat, so sweet
Reet, petite, neat, sweet and gone.

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