Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mo Mo 2

I youtubed Mo's great performance of No Good Nigga Blues from last year

From session 1 on Friday I picked up these gems from Mo as he urged on his crew of poets
"Step up to it Mike"
"Hit it and quit it"
I brought my copy of Streettalk. The kids enjoyed reading it and of course they've got many expressions that are unlisted.
Afterwards I wrote my own poem using some I viewed printed and some I newly minted.
"I have a premonition that one day I'll be Doctor Bobby Murcered
Well on that day
I got a bullett for Doctor Bobby Berged
That fake ass wanna be D
Yeh he's got a little fake something going on
With my B
I be dumb but I ain't got no bolts around my neck
Let him pay for making my life total Dreck

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