Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If Dreams Come True-with Web 2.0, Number 6 Done

This was number 6 in my top 16 suggestions: 6. Taking a map of New York City and image map the work of students all across the city to show the wealth, vibrancy and variety of life. e.g's: Harlem Live and Tom Beller's Neighborhood." Looks like this is very do-able and we don't need the DOE to do it for us. I hit upon Wikimapia. Here's what you can do with it, from Matt's Wikimapia Blog: " User additions: There is where Wikimapia shines (as it is a Wiki). Wikimapia allows all users to add and edit place locations by “Adding a New Place” which is then reviewed by other users. This is the backbone of “Describing the Entire World.” Google Earth also has a very large user base that can add place marker and descriptors. The disadvantage to Google Earth is that because it is computer based, it must open up a web browser that will then allow the user to put in information (the advantage that Google Earth has here is that the infmoration web page allows for a forum type atmosphere [that Wikimapia is also touching upon with the addition of “commenting”]). The way Google Earth displays the added information can also end up looking very cluttered (images below give good example of this). Advantage: Wikimapia. […]

well, I added Knickerbocker Village to the map (in the yellow square). What's needed is 2 other registered wiki users to confirm the validity of my addition. Imagine, teachers could add the work of their students (wth proper permission), even links to multimedia files, etc. You can even link a youtube video. More on this

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