Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shep Nachas

Nachas generally refers to getting satisfaction or pleasure from someone or something. When you shep nachas, you take pride in something.
Example: Two elderly men are sitting on a park bench. One says to the other, "My daughter has been married five times: to a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a plumber and a professor." The second one nods and replies, "Oy. So much nachas from one girl!"
I missed last Wednesday with Melissa's first graders. Little did I know they had planned a surprise birthday party for me. I got these great cards this week. Best present I could have gotten.
Best "huchmas"
Mr. David
You don't know me because Im new and Im a nice boy. Happy birthday
Mr. David
Thak you for cumeing to the rocks star class and Happy Brtday to
I love you you are rilly nice and yore cusin is nice to
here's a slide show with the cards

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